It's foggy and cold but looking quite good so far...  

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11/19/2005 11:42 pm

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It's foggy and cold but looking quite good so far...

Morning all,

When was the last time you've had crumpets and honey? I'd forgotten how nice they were.

I've got a job today shooting stills on set during the filming of a music video, and need to get going soon. Normally that wouldn't be too bad. Except it's foggy today, and cold. Not that i'm expecting any fog on set, unless it's at the director's request. I just hate standing around in the freezing cold. Usually this means with all my batteries stuffed down my pants. (Digital cameras need lots of power, and batteries don't like the cold. So you have to keep them warm)

Another 'lens-caps-off' moment for the Sony Ad. I saw it for the first time this week. Not sure it's been shot for real, as the shadows look just a little bit too CG. I won't spoil it for you, but the logistics and planning needed to pull it off make it very special. As always it's been scored with just the right tune. So... a moment for them. Note: look out for the frog. =o)


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