Been a while... been too long... but, today's been pretty good!  

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11/12/2005 10:43 am

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Been a while... been too long... but, today's been pretty good!

Ello ello,

Phew. Where do i start? I've been so busy lately that i've not had a chance to add anything to my Blog. Being away shooting a new project has taken up all my time. But i'll try and make-up for it.

And, there was that whole FIASCO OVER MY AdultFriendFinder ACCOUNT BEING SUSPENDED... grrr... but i'm here now, so it's been resolved. I normally hate quoting from tv shows, etc. but i feel compelled to say 'Bygones'... shout to the Ally McBeal fans in the house. I hate doing that hiphop-shout-out thing too... i also feel compelled to say 'note to self... get a life'. Can anyone tell me where that 'note to self' thing came from?

Just so you know, i used to spend ages in the dark room, printing images and loading film canisters... obviously it needs to be dark in there so i could never watch the telly. But i would leave it switched on outside, so i could listen to what was on. Let me tell you how weird it was to be watching some replay (re-run if you're in the US), and recognise the voice and what they were saying. Almost like a deja-vu... but with a conversation with someone. Very peculiar. I'd sometimes catch myself saying, 'oh a friend was saying.......' then repeat what the character had said... i had a few odd looks from peeps.

Woo hoo! I've had some people contact me about posing in the studio. Which is great. I plan to mainly shoot them in black and white as it's purely a study of the human form. Nothing distracts more from the subject than colour.

I'm off to Turnmills in a little while, in Central London. Going there to get some images of the night, the happy smiling punters (Oh. The happiest punters i've ever seen were in Cardiff!) (cough cough). =o)

[Shout to Aitch and his boys at Turnmills. Thought i wasn't to say things like that anymore. Oh forget it.]

I've still not met anyone for some fun yet on AdultFriendFinder. So anyone willing to meet up for a laugh one evening in London. Maybe a drink and some good conversation, whilst we're at it, maybe some good food too, get in touch. No strings. No stress. Que sera.

Have a great weekend. Let your hair down and have fun.


p.s. today's actually been quite a good day... and to quote from a song 'can only get better...' not smiley better... just, we're raving, we're raving better!

p.p.s. should only be one post now. sussed it. ONLY PRESS THE ADD BUTTON ONCE!

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