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6/5/2005 11:34 pm

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In the word of faithless "I CAN'T GET NO SLEEP"
well thats a lie im getting a little sleep i had 4 hrs last night i got up i was dreaming about work i rember rolling over and asking if i could help? i must have been dreaming of work ive been told that some of the other staff have done that.
Ive got my eye on a girl at work Amily she's got firey red hair down to shoulder length shes having a rough patch with her boy friend and she told me last night that the staff room and the upstairs toilet have been shagged in. Maybe it was a hint? maybe it was just making convesation but me being a dence male didn't think of it until i left work. oh well all 3 female staff joke around with me im now taking steph,terri and amily out for drinks suppose not a bad day at the office

oh well im gonna sign off now try get a few more hrs sleep

cutemary19 31F

6/6/2005 3:23 am

Hi babe, good luck with Amily. Have you really got an 11 inch cock, if so i need to meet you to find out how it feels. Check me out sometime. Sweet dreams babe x x x

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