i fucked in my office  

rihanna999 36F
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7/13/2006 2:33 pm
i fucked in my office

on night me a my boss was there in the office over hours he is so cute. after we finished work we sat and talked he told me to sit on him i did i sat with my legs open he kissed me i lifted me up and cleared his table and laid me on it he kissed my neck then he undid my shirt a nd kissed my breast and sucked then he asked if i wanted champange
i was surprised he was going and then stoped i was there with my breast exposed so i left them then he got drunk then i started to massage him i took off his shirt lick he nipples then i squezed his as while he was squeezed mine i took off his pant a feel him up i sucked ......... more lateer

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