Just a way to express my thoughts  

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2/25/2006 3:24 pm

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Just a way to express my thoughts

Hello kiddies,

I am not sure if anyone will ever even read these thoughts. Maybe some will and be enlightened into how even the smallest comments, actions or looks can be hurtful to some and exciting to others.

I am here in the Buffalo area to work through May. Not sure what will happen after that. I like Buffalo for the most part. I am not sure what my job brings in the future. I actually will get to talk to someone about that tomorrow.

If you have looked at this, then odds are you have seen the photo I used on my profile. You can see that I took some time to visit Niagara Falls on a very cold and windy day. You will also see that I am overweight. Not terribly, but still overweight. That seems to be such a stigma now. I feel that I must have a third eye or totally disgust people by how they look at me sometimes.

So where will these ramblings take me? Well, I will probably use them to give insight to any ladies who read this. I am sure some guys use this site to get laid by as many different women as possible. But you ladies need to realize that sometimes a guy is just looking for a date. Just someone to hang out with and enjoy socially.

Now am I saying that I don't want to get laid? Absolutely not. I am a regular American male who still has quite the sex drive. I also am a man who doesn't always like eating dinner alone or with co-workers. I love movies, but hate going alone. I love the theatre, but hate going alone. I love concerts, but hate going alone. I love to travel, but, well you get the idea.

Maybe someone will read this and think, "hey, I feel what that guy is saying". Someone else might think, "hey, he is full of crap". Either way is fine actually. Because other peoples opinions really shouldn't matter. Unfortunately they usually have an impact. I just would like to give some people an insight into me.

I also will use this to show how these feelings are actually encouraging me to lose more weight. I have actually lost 30 pounds since October 15, 2005. I joined a gym here in Buffalo and am trying to fit in workouts while I am working here. I am hoping to post pictures that will show the improvements. It is important for me to say that while I can change my appearance, it is up to others to change how they see me.

Wow....what a rambling mess. I hope that if you have read this, you will take time to stop by and see what I have written later. Maybe even send an email or something letting me know that there is someone out there. And I promise to make the posts more fun...maybe even share some fun times that I have while here in Buffalo.

By the way, I was born in Washington DC and have lived for 30 years or so in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It is amazing how quickly some east coast things come back to me. Like talking fast.

Thanks for reading my friends....hope to talk to you again soon.

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