Here I go Again  

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3/21/2006 8:20 am
Here I go Again

"Here I go Again" - Whitesnake

Another day of flying...this time back to Buffalo. Will be good to get back there. I am especially looking forward to the flight attendants. They always seem to be good looking on the flights they are on.

In fact, I always sit there wondering if they have ever looked at a passenger and wanted to just let them know how horny and hot they are and would the passenger help them out...

I take my seat in the mostly empty plane. It's a long flight and it's late. Everyone on board, at least the few people that there are, looks to just want to go to sleep. As I stepped on the plane I noticed the flight attendant. Attractive with a beautiful smile and southern accent. We both gave each other the once over and I figured that that was that.

As they close the cabin door, I am thankful that I have a whole row to myself with no one even around me for at least five or six rows. It will be quiet enough so I pull out a book and get ready to lay down once we take off.

Shortly after take off all the seats that are occupied lay back for the long night flight. I do the same and relax with my book. A few minutes into my book, I notice the flight attendant leaning on the aisle seat looking at me. "What's your book about?" is the question. I tell her that it is just something to occupy myself with during the flight.

With that comment, she slides into the seat and sits on my lap. Now that she has my full attention, I close my book. "I have something better to occupy you with" she says as she guides my hand up her thighs. Her thigh quivers as I slowly let my hand go up her stockings and under her uniform. Imagine my surprise when I get to the middle of her thigh and notice that they are thigh-highs.

"Would you like coffee, tea or me?" she asks with a wicked grin. I answer that by sliding my hand up the rest of the way to her moist pussy. She leans over and we kiss. She slowly returns the favor by sliding off the seat and facing me, she unbuttons my jeans. As she slides my cock out of my pants, I notice the other flight attendant take a seat just across the aisle.

Two flight attendants...what a dream this must be. I moan softly as the first one takes my cock slowly into her mouth. Running her tongue over the ridge of my cock, I feel it quiver. So does she as she gives me a quick nod and a smile. She is an expert with her mouth. I watch her as she slowly bobs up and down, my shaft disappearing repeatedly into her willing mouth. It has been so long that I have been with a woman, that I worry about exploding to soon into her mouth. She senses this and takes one last taste.

"That was nice but we should go back to the galley, more room." I of course get up without even putting my cock back in my pants. The second flight attendant notices this and reaches around and grabs my wet cock and leads me to the galley with my cock in her hand.

When we get back there, they instruct me to pull my pants down and sit on the jump seat. It is not the most comfortable seat but who cares! It is only a few seconds before both of them are on their knees with my cock in between their mouths. I almost came with one of them sucking me, now I am really struggling to stay in control with the two of them.

They giggle and kiss as well as slide my cock in and out of their mouths, each taking a turn. I feel like I am about to explode. The first one leans up and tells me that she is going to staddle me while the other one licks my cock and her pussy as we fuck. Oh my is all I can say.

With that, she stands up, pulls up her uniform and sits on my cock with her back to me. Her pussy is so wet that I slides in easily. She moans softly as she grinds her pussy on my cock harder and harder. We are both moaning as the second flight attendant begins to lick on my cock and her pussy.

It is all I can do to control myself. I tell them that I am worried about cumming to soon. They assure me that with the length of this flight, I will have time to cum again. With that permission given, I just leaned back and enjoyed the feel of the tongue on my cock as it slid in and out of that wet pussy of hers. It was only seconds later that I could no longer hold it. With one last stroke, I pulled out of her pussy and let my cum squirt up and out of my swollen tip. The second flight attendant proceeded to lick up my cum while she stroked my throbbing cock.

We kept going at it for about another 45 minutes until I was so tired I could hardly stand. As I went back to my seat, both of them leaned over and kissed me. It was only seconds later that I was asleep.

Next thing I remember was waking up as we landed. Was it all a dream? It felt real but I couldn't tell. At least until I walked off the plane and received two smiles accompanied by "Thank you, CUM again." From two beautiful flight attendants, one with a little white stain on the bottom of her uniform.


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