rickyluvsfunn 50M
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4/10/2006 6:01 am

"Fantasy" - Aldo Nova

Boy do I have a ton of these. Like the hot Blonde with the white shorts and blue thong on the treadmill in front of me at the gym the other day. The things I would want to do to her.

The good looking brunette with those beautiful brown eyes at Wegmans who was the checker....she had such a beautiful smile and great lips...I cant help but imagine the places that they could work on me.

The auburn haired beauty at Brennans the other night....a beautiful smile and a hot body. Man oh man I get hard just thinking about her.

Now all that needs to happen is that they realize how much I love to lick and suck and nibble as I stand next to them and decide to let me service them. It has been so long I think they are turning blue.

Well...time to go out and enjoy the weather and the views....that should make them bluer still...

Have a great day.

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