Come and Get it  

rickyluvsfunn 50M
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3/19/2006 8:24 am

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Come and Get it

"Come and Get it" - AC/DC

Ny new philosophy, Come and Get it!

Here sits a man, full of experience as well as overflowing with cum. A hard cock to accompany the firm yet soft tongue that he longingly waits to use on the next lovely lady. Hands at the ready to softly caress but also to grab and squeeze.

Here sits a man waiting in eager anticipation of the hot sexual kisses that accompany the thought of where else he will run his tongue. Starting with the neck and then proceeding to lick, suck and nibble everywhere.

Here sits a man who loves kissing the soft, sweet pussy lips of a lovely lady. Taking their swollen forms in my mouth, sucking on them, gently nibbling and even licking them. Pulling them apart gently, letting my tongue enter into the moist area that now separates them. Letting my tongue slide in and out. Feeling the grinding and hearing the moaning that my tongue creates in this lady makes me grow hard in anticipation. But still I wait. Because this time is about her. She deserves the attention to her wonderfully sweet pussy.

Here sits a man who isn't afraid to use, and even enjoys using toys to help bring this lady to orgasm. The thought of using whatever toy she enjoys the most along with my tongue hopefully gets her thinking hotter, which in turn does the same for me and my thinking. The toy starting to enter her moistness, my tongue on her clit and lips helping to keep the fluid flowing.

Here sits a man that cannot wait to hear the lady cum repeatedly as she enjoys the long awaited attention to her often overlooked pussy. How long will it take for you to cum twice? Four? Six? 8 (ate- )times? It doesn't matter because I am willing to put the time in to bring you the repeated pleasure that I see and hear you enjoying.

Here sits a man that will wait patiently to slide my hard cock into that extremely wet pussy. Slowly and tenderly. Letting you feel the tip, followed by the rippled veins as it slides in until you have it all with my balls up against your ass. Then at that moment, leaning and giving you a long kiss and letting you taste yourself on my tongue.

Here sits a man.

Will you join him?


angelofmercy5 58F
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3/19/2006 10:04 am

You sound like someone with lots of heart. Good luck in your search!

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