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This is my first day so I'll tell you what lead me to this.

Sept. 6,2003 had my first kiss ever.
This happened at a party that I was invited to by this girl that I liked but don't say anything to her about it. I was trying to get away from the party two guys four girls, well I went to the front pouch to get some freshair form the girls, I was left to talk to them while the other guy went downstairs to play video games. The girl that kissed me came out to me and sat down to talk to me, just then she kissed me on the cheek. After that we went to the sideyard and sat in some chair. While we were talking I asked her if I could kiss her, she told me that if I had to ask I couldn't, just then I kissed her on the lips then I pulled away from her, and said I was sorry for kissing her she tolded me to shutup and kissed me. Later we both went inside to tell my bestfriend who I wont say his name that we kissed each other with out thinking. He was her boyfriend. Months later we were still dating each other, and she come up to me and asked if I love her, I told her that she was one of a kind to me and that I'll never forget what we did together,"Which was just kissing" and that she will always be in my heart.

This is all that I have right now but in some of my other blogs I'll post at the end of them this (~Serq~) then some letters that she wrote to me.
I still love her but if she doesn't love me I hope she finds someone that she will.

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