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7/14/2005 2:23 pm

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Transvestite shopping

Being a transvestite presents many odd situations. I've just been away to my dad's for a few days. He's on his own and 83, bless him. He doesn't know about me and I wouldn't tell him. I think the shock would be too much and there is no point anyway.

While away there I wore a nightdress and my usual knickers - and a black bra most of the time. Dark shirts and the like helped hide it, although there were still bumps showing - I don't think he realised and certainly didn't question anything...

Somehow it made me feel good, putting my bra on each morning and taking it off at night and knowing I had it on all day. Very strange and probably impossible to quantify why. I did it and felt good.

One day I went out and bought a pair of knickers and on another day in town found myself rummaging through loads of bras (and knickers) in this fairly posh lingerie shop, looking for a bargain. I bought this sexy little pair of black knickers and a size 40C bra which I tried on later at home - it fitted perfectly. It is beautiful, in pink (no picture yet!) and wasn't too expensive. On another trip into the town I bought a summer-fashion swirly brown skirt (again no picture yet). Very nice.

Now what would dad have thought had he known? What if a friend of his had seen me? What if? .... all part of a transvestite's shopping adventures. Anyway I got home here and immediately got changed into a lovely white summery skirt and a nice top. Home and home to what is now the real me...

Alison's story continues tomorrow.

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