Time to do things...  

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9/2/2005 4:15 am

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Time to do things...

I haven't forgotten or abandoned Alison/James - the next few chapters are on their way. Promise. I just need time.

I've been real busy and what with one thing and another the story has been pushed to the back burner - and I'm away again this weekend.

Time to do things ? It's always difficult to prioritise. In some peoples eyes their small (but important) area should have priority. In others it should be theirs.

Striking the balance between it all and keeping everyone happy is a fine line - but a great skill if it can be achieved successfully.

Okay I used to be good at it. I'll have to polish up my skills a bit to keep everyone, even myself, happy.

In all this prioritising you should always find time for yourself. Your own space in time.


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