Telling people you are a Transvestite 1.  

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5/31/2005 11:37 am

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Telling people you are a Transvestite 1.

I've often wondered what I would tell my family, my relatives, my friends, if they found out all about my 'other side'.
My daughter has a vague idea but doesn't want to know too much. I think my son does too. My two sisters also know - one more than the other. But I'm not certain about my brother and if my dad knew I think the shock would kill him.
So do I tell them or do I keep it a secret. Well for the time being at least I've opted to leave things as they are and not stir the waters.
One previous girlfriends found out and dumped me almost instantly. Another was most encouraging and didn't mind at all - even coming to dinner with my 'other half' and accepting me for what I am and more.
My former wife, on finding a couple of boxes of clothes took the attitude ' I know you do it, but don't let me see you doing it' and 'don't do it in front of the children' (when they were young).
So I don't tell the world in general... but new girlfriends... more on that tomorrow, because it's an interesting situation.

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5/31/2005 12:31 pm


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