Sexy new top  

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6/29/2005 4:09 am

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Sexy new top

Well this morning should be part ten of Alison's story, but very few people seem to be reading it, so I'm going away today and if no-one wants it I won't bother any more.
Okay then, back to more normal matters about being a transvestite every day of my life.
Went shopping in Spain a week or so ago and got this wonderful summery knee-length while cotton flowing skirt that was all the rage over there from a posh shop and it looks and feels gorgeous. Not a Euro mis-spent!
I also went into York the other day and looked around the sales and got myself another (!) skirt and three tops (one of which has to go back because I can't affort three).
The one I have on now is a stringy top for the summer - it's already come into use on these hot days - and is black with flowery cascades in pink and white. Here's a picture of it. Very nice, but I'm just not sure if string tops suit me...
So I'm off travelling again (but not buying this time!).
More words on Saturday, but no more story as the crowds of you out there didn't appear to want it - judging by the responses. Maybe you disagree.

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6/29/2005 11:32 pm

Hey i'm realy getting into that Alison story so don't stop. I need to know how it ends.

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