Paying taxes  

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5/19/2005 5:57 am

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Paying taxes

Rant day today.
First I am told that I owe the taxman £2k (about $4k?) for up-front taxes that I should pay as I work for myself. So that will use up most of what I will get from my mum's estate. That's nice of the IR... So thoughtful.
Then I get a letter this morning saying I haven't paid my local (council) tax. I have actually. I sent it off yesterday. But they say I should pay it over 10 months and not 12 and that I should pay it on the first of the month and not 'during' the month.
Okay, lets look at the logic of that: Do the local authority (Council) employees like the refuse collectors, teachers, cleaners, school cooks and caretakers get paid over ten months - or even a year in advance? I think NOT. So why do I have to pay my taxes a year in front of when they are due. And why the first of the month? Surely May is May and if the money is paid in May that should be okay. The authority knows it's coming. I'm not a defaulter and don't owe them hundreds and hundreds of pounds (dollars), So why pick on Mr Ordinary, everyday citizen. Because I'm easy pickings. Like most of us.
Rant over.

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5/20/2005 1:58 am

We have it written into law here that certain things, such as rent, have to be paid by the third working day of the month. Other things can generally wait, and often come when they are least expected, and most certainly when they are least wanted!

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5/20/2005 11:07 am

Yes I think that 'officially' we have to pay our local authority tax on the first of the month... but I'm a bit of a rebel !
I also have to pay the Inland Revenue my year's tax bill in advance based on what THEY ASSUME i will earn in the coming year...
I think 'big brother' has us 'little people' well under control.

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