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This is borrowed, with minor changes/cuts, but I think more than worth putting down because it's where I come from as well. (so thanks Frances, hope you don't mind).

"I lead a most charmed, blessed and serendipitous life, but as with all things worth having, one has to work at it to keep it that way, it doesn't just happen. Had it tougher than some, however, easier than others, I have more than some, less than others, stuff is stuff, but I like it all the same.
So, if this is as good as it gets, well, that's just fine by me, because it's the life I have both chosen and made for myself.
I'm the ultimate eternal optimist, refusing to become cynical, despite the odd periodic fall from grace or naively getting screwed over.
Such is trust, it's wide open to abuse; but ultimately what hope for the world if I were to give up on it too?
It keeps me humble and my feet on the ground; though my head’s still in the clouds, me being both the dreamer and a realist. I suppose you'd call me a conscientious hedonist, I'm no wallflower, nor am I looking for tea, sympathy or affirmation.
‘It’s not the ocean, it’s the motion’ that moves me. At present, I’m just sitting on the dock of a bay, watchin the tide roll away, and then roll back in again. I’m not running away from anything, nor am I trying to get anywhere other than where I am right here and now.
Yes, I guess you could say I’m quite content. That's it really, in a rather small nutshell.”

Speak tomorrow,

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