Farewell my friends  

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11/2/2005 3:21 pm

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Farewell my friends

This will almost certainly be my last blog. (Did I hear someone out there shout 'good'?).

Well I've enjoyed posting and writing, even though it did tail off a bit towards the end.

Updates: new bathroom now nearly in. Looking good.
Still no decent men on the horizon. Last two chickened out.
Lots of Tgirl friends though.
Busy with work (and play).
No one bothers contacting me on here any more. Don't know why. I used to get loads of 'hits' at one time.
Life's still good. No money, but still good.
Been out several times as Alison and a daytime trip planned soon.
Forever buying more new clothes.
That's it.
For those who read these blogs for sex... here's my contribution... "SEX" is good... okay. You just gotta find the right the right person to do it with.

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