Beach beauty ?  

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6/6/2005 5:25 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Beach beauty ?

Sunshine here I come! I'm going to sunny (hopefully) Spain for a holiday, so no posts for over a week.
But it's also frustrating being on holiday because I can't wear any of my wonderful women's clothes while away.
Well, not quite true. I am taking a nightdress and wrap for the nights and I have got a bikini bottom for bathing in if I dare to venture into the sea and show off my boobs, wet and showing through a T-shirt like a Bond beauty in a film... but I don't think the profile will be anything like the same (unfortunately).
The shorts will be women's, as will my trainers and socks and underneath it all I'll still wear knickers. But I'll miss flowing round the house and garden in underskirts, dresses and frocks.
Still, I suppose for the sake of a bit of sun and a restful holiday abroad, one has to give something up!

LimesMastsAvoid 70M
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6/6/2005 8:21 am

I would give up all your boyfriends and take me with you !

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