Alison's dream. Part 26. Girl's School - Boy's date?  

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8/6/2005 6:08 am

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Alison's dream. Part 26. Girl's School - Boy's date?

Mum showed me the brochure, full of images of girls at the new college. “Do you think I could do it and get away with it?” I asked. “Why sure,” said mum. “We will have to do some work on you and you’ll have to practice lots of things to make you more ladylike, but, yes, I think you’ll be able to go there as a girl.”
“You’ll need a lot more underclothes, skirts and tops and, looking at these pictures, I think you’ll have to wear a uniform as well. Pleated skirt and a blouse every day I would guess and maybe some special kit for gym and exercise.”
“Anyway we’ll have lots of time to go shopping for all these items. We’ll have to get you enrolled first, which won’t be easy. We may have to tell your dad and hope he accepts it all and goes along with it,” mum added.
That evening Peter phoned once more, apologising again and again. This time he asked me to go with him at the weekend for a coffee. I told him I would think about it. It was the last weekend before college began and inside me a little devil said ‘go’, while my instincts said ‘no’.
I found myself thinking how handsome he was really and I should be proud to be on his arm and have him as a boyfriend even though I wasn’t really a ‘girl’. He obviously thought I was very pretty and that delighted me.
Kissing a boy like him hadn’t been that odd when I thought back to it. I just had to be Alison and it seemed more natural and real. It was somehow strange being held tightly by a boy and feeling all his manly reactions to me, but that too was pleasing.
Fancy me a ‘boy’ who was a ‘girl’ turning a man on! Anyway in a coffee bar nothing was going to happen. He said he would phone again later in the week. Should I? Would I?
Well? Your vote….

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8/6/2005 3:00 pm

Well come on then folks, should she (he) go with this lad for a second date ?
Where are the votes. The storyline depends on you....

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8/9/2005 5:49 am

...let the devil out....

missvicki2006 67T
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4/22/2006 12:09 am

hun go for it

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