Alison's dream. Part 20. Dressing for my big date  

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7/31/2005 3:00 am

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Alison's dream. Part 20. Dressing for my big date

I woke up after a night of very little sleep, if any. This was the day. I was still a boy really, but now dressed as a girl I was going out with a boy. I couldn’t eat much at breakfast as I was so nervous. I think inside I was shaking with fear and worry.
As soon as I left the table I went straight upstairs and began my final preparations for the big afternoon. I checked and rechecked my whole body from head to foot. I started to put on my nail varnish on my toes and then on my fingers, a light pink in colour, and once it had dried I slowly began to put on a little make-up.
Some face powder, although I didn’t need much ‒ and ironically it was called Gay Whisper ! ‒ a little blusher on my cheeks, just as mum had shown me, a nice mauve eye shadow, mascara, and finally my pale pink lipstick. Nothing too bright that would make me look like a tart.
Then the clothes. I took off the jeans and t-shirt I had been wearing at breakfast ‒ with dad there ‒ and put on a pair of lacy pink pants and my best bra, which I tried to shuffle around to give myself at least some kind of figure. They were actually growing slightly now and I could feel sensitivity in my nipples as I played around with them trying to get the best out of them,
Then came a nice fairly low cut top I had bought on my first shopping trip and a shortish white pleated skirt that seemed appropriate and matched my short white socks and three-inch heels. Hair next - I must have spent an hour trying to get that to look good. Eventually I was happy with it.
Mum knocked on the door and came in and said I looked absolutely fantastic. I did a little turn for her and she cooed at the sight of her lovely daughter. “ You look so great,” she said. “He will fall in love with you.”
“Mum, I don’t want him to fall in love with me. This is a one-off,” I said.

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7/31/2005 3:03 am

If you are enjoying this story please leave a comment. it would be much appreciated.

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8/1/2005 1:09 am

I have been eagerly following your adventuresfor about two and a half weeks now and absolutly love the story. am eagerly awaiting the next instalment

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