Alison's dream. Part 10. Date with destiny.  

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Alison's dream. Part 10. Date with destiny.

Okay, a quick refresher for anyone coming new to this:
James is a teenage lad who secretly wants to be a girl. His mum finds out and she has always wanted a daughter, so she helps him along the road to 'change'... if you want to catch up in full click back to a few of my earlier blogs.
In the meantime we pick up the story as James (now Alison) and his mum head home after their first shopping trip together:

Fortunately we managed to do all the shopping we needed without me seeing anyone I knew. But, before leaving, mum had a further little suggestion for me. “We’ll get you booked in for a manicure, have your eyebrows plucked and ears pierced,” she said.
“Ears pierced!” I almost screamed in horror… but stopped when I realised I was in public. “But mum, dad will notice and he’s bound to say something. He’ll notice my nails and eyebrows as well,” I added.
“Yes, true,” relented mum. “I was getting a bit carried away trying to make you my real daughter too soon. Okay, I think we’ll get away with the manicure to your fingers and toenails and having your eyebrows plucked just a little. They are slightly thick at the moment. We’ll leave the ear piercing for a little while longer.”
We went along to the salon and mum made a booking for me for a week on Wednesday. “You should feel really good about that,” she said.
“Most girls love the attention and the resulting great feeling and fine looks. It will just add that little extra touch. One day you’ll be able to have it done all the time ‒ especially when you are going out on a date. I’ll ask for a plain matt polish on your fingers so it doesn’t show up.”
“Whoa there mum”, I said. “Date? What date. What do you mean DATE !”
“Well sometime you’ll have to go out on a date with a young man, all girls do that.”
“Not this one mum,” I whispered back. “I can’t ever go out on a date with a boy. He might try and kiss me or something and anyway I don’t fancy boys.”
... More tomorrow...

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