Alison's dream. Heading for a showdown ?  

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9/7/2005 8:11 am

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Alison's dream. Heading for a showdown ?

Now mum and me needed a serious talk. This could be really bad. We had to square up with dad as soon as possible and get him on side and prepare him for what could be a really serious and embarrassing period.
I was shaking inside at the thought.
“Are you alright?” asked Peter. “You look to have gone a little pale.”
“I’m fine,” I said, putting on a smile and trying not to show any signs of anguish or worry. Deep inside I knew this was heading rapidly for crunch time. Alison’s train was about to hit the buffers at 100 miles an hour….
My coffee was getting cold. Peter asked me if I wanted another. I declined nicely, as any young girl would and asked if we could go for a walk. Fortunately the two lads from my college had left, so leaving the coffee bar was easy.
I took Peter’s hand again and we walked out slowly towards his car. “Maybe we could go for a drive,” he said. “Yes, that would be fine,” I replied, still worried about to break the stunning news to dad. It wasn’t going to be easy.

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9/7/2005 11:21 am

Ooh this is getting good
Hugs Annette

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