Alison's Dream. All dressed for my dad...  

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9/18/2005 11:26 am

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Alison's Dream. All dressed for my dad...

Dad fell silent for a few seconds. “So this Alison lark is permanent then,” he eventually spluttered.
“Yes dad, no going back. We need your support on this one,” I said. “Mum, maybe I should go and get changed to show dad what I mean?”
“Okay love,” said mum. “Go and give it the works and show your dad what a wonderful girl you really are. You won’t believe this transformation,” she said, turning to my dad.
Dad asked for another drink as I left the room and hurried upstairs to get myself ready for my most important ‘Alison-show’ ever. I had to crack this one. Without dad’s support all would be lost and I’d probably have to revert to being James ‒ somehow.
That would almost seem like a reverse of a change now the way I felt. Boy to girl, being a girl and then being forced as a girl to go back and live life as a boy, probably forever.
So much depended upon this moment.
Everything I did upstairs was meticulous, every brush stroke with mascara so careful, every touch of lipstick put on with a steady hand. I brushed and brushed my hair, through and through. I chose a bra that showed off my now burgeoning breasts, my nicest skirt and a low slung top, as feminine as possible, without going over the top. I popped on pair of three inch heels.
I looked in the mirror and flounced my hair. I was ready for my dad…

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9/23/2005 2:58 pm

love the story keep it up ,the pictures facinate me .

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