Alison's Dream: Your call  

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8/7/2005 5:20 am

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Alison's Dream: Your call

Well this is now (for the next chapter or two at least), a LIVE story. It's your call as to what should happen next.
Should Alison go out with Peter again? A boy who kissed her on their first date?... or should she (he) leave well alone and not see him any more?
As they say in the big game shows, it's your decision and what you say will determine the next chapter or two in Alison's life.
Simply vote by giving your comments, your views - if you come late to this and miss out on deciding, don't worry, I'll go live again in a few chapters time.
Hey folks, I'm trying for some interaction here. Play the game.
If nothing else feedback Yes (for a date) or No (for 'no date' buddy).
The next Alison's Dream chapter will be back here on Tuesday - once you give a steer as to where it should go.
Keep smiling.

PS: Did I mention a simply wonderful new skirt I bought a while back - well here it is..

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