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12/26/2005 5:25 am

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I think it's kinda interesting when you look at the ratio of men vs. women on this site. There are tons of men on this site, and only a fraction of the women. I have actually talked with a couple of women about this, and they get dozens and sometimes hundreds of emails from horny men (like myself...haha). Are men really that desperate? It makes me wonder, how many men on this site actually get any action out of it? Do you guys actually meet women through this site? And ladies, a question for you.... How many of these men do you actually meet? How many do you ignore? And what are the magic words you want to hear when we try to make contact with you? Fortunately for myself, I've found a sex friend (through AdultFriendFinder), but I'm just curious about the rest of you folks. Are ya really getting lucky? If so...good on ya.
If not..... well, I'll leave that one for another blog at a future date.

1FantasyWoman 46F

1/22/2006 6:04 am

I've been on this site for a few months. I've gone out with about 8 of the guys and had sex with half of them (the ones I found most interesting/attactive/kind/creative. I ignore a lot of emails that are sent to me. More recently, I've been focusing on the guys who can get to the Osaka area. Can you?? It's hard to say what the magic words are. Based on their profile and what they write, I can tell if I might enjoy being with them. I also don't correspond if they're married or too old or too young for me. Plus, I'm 180 cm, so I figure short guys would be uncomfortable with me. I particularly like people with creative imaginations.

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