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9/10/2005 5:12 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

First Impressions

Hello again. Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. I't hard going back to work after a three day break!

Please read on:

My honey and I believe that sexuality is part of the human condition. It's a part of us that makes us real and approachable. Also, we believe sexuality is to be shared if one chooses to do so. I have a date tonight with one of our male friends we met on HotMatch. It should be interesting. I've not been out with a man by myself. Our friend just wants to be alone with me and he's very intelligent, warm, sincere and spiritual. So... it should be a good match. You know what's bothersome, though? I'm the one that always said we shouldn't get emotionally involved with anyone else. You know the people we choose to go to bed with. But I'm finding out that's the best part. Getting to know another human being. Really getting to know them. I'm finding out that I can't be subjected to my own fear of perhaps getting too involved. You know what I mean? What happens if I fall in love with someone else? What would I do then? I will just hope he's not married! <grin> No, really, I'm not being cute here. It's a valid question, for me. One of my favorite sayings is this: "Don't let opportunity knock you in the ass. Rather, take opportunity by the hand and walk with it down the path." I've passed by so many beautiful opportunities that now this is my motto!

I believe we create our own world. Really, creating our world involves having a good attitude, believing in oneself and others, dreaming big, not being afraid, and bringing beautiful things and people (the best part) into our lives. If our world is not a happy one, it's our own fault. We really cannot blame anyone else. So... I'm going to walk through this world I create and smile knowing I created it!

When you send your first E-Mail to someone you don't know, remember first impressions are important. If you respond to someone's E-Mail, be gentle with your response. You may not be interested in meeting that person or couple but remember they are human and have feelings.

I'd appreciate knowing how you feel about my blogs. Everyone has an opinion. Post your comments, please! You have a voice! rgt2playgirl2

bill_e_2 72M  
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9/24/2005 5:30 pm

I'm very interested in hearing how your "first date" turned out. I sure hope it was good so you will date more men alone and that may give me a chance to spend time alone with you...I'd love an opportunity to make a good first impression with you...Bill

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