Story set up  

reverend21 49M
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3/23/2006 2:28 pm
Story set up

OK, a little future history to set up the next story, yes I know about time. Later this year, a probe will be dropped on one of Saturn's moons, Titan. The probe will be dropped to confirm the existence of life, bacterial life, but life none the less. This will be my starting point.

Life discovered on Titan, the Earths people started to push for more exploration, we were not alone, if life existed elsewhere in our solar system, it must exist in other places. Over the next few years, the probe missions started returning. Bringing more and more evidence of life, higher evolved life. Slowly but surely it was becoming aware to the people of earth that they were being held back.

Oppressed, six families, super-rich families controlled everything, all the wars, the economies, all to pad their already full bank accounts. The veterans were the first to strike out, first it was only a few countries, but as time went on and the casualties grew, veterans that were once hated adversaries moved to support their brothers and sisters. Governments begin to fall like the puppets the were. Strings pulled by the super rich were being cut, but not fast enough.

Then a young woman working at a college, led a team to strike a fatal blow in favor of the veterans. Her name was Frogger, she and her team found away to strike at the financial holdings, a computer virus that destroyed the financial world. The tides turned, Six super rich families with their private armies became one. The truth was out, Frogger had managed to reveal many many secrets held my these super rich, knowledge was what destroyed many barriers. People, regardless of race, religion, sex, finally realized they had been manipulated for so very long. The masses rose, the rich were defeated, at last.

Seeking vengeance, the last family sent assassins to deal with Frogger, A group of veterans, a small 4 person fire time rushed to her salvation. The leader, call-sign Reverend, was fatally wounded, but the world had a new leader to look to, and Frogger did not disappoint them. Secretes long buried were revealed, Ion engines were rediscovered, our use of fossil fuels dwindled as we found new and clean ways to power our society.

A new monetary system was founded based on production. It did not matter what you did, as long as you worked for improvement of the human race, all your needs, food, entertainment, medical were provided, equally.

Ten years after the revolution had ended, our technology had increased to the point of off world colonies on the Moon, Mars, Titan, and a hand full of other moons. the worlds remaining military was split into three vital missions, exploration, colonization/terraform, and a defensive force remained in tact to protect the solar system.

Our species spread for and wide, new alliances were formed with new species, and enemies were made. Some enemies from new species, some from within.

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