Passing Ships In the night  

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Passing Ships In the night

He stood overlooking the bay, full moon tonight, how he loved to see the moon on the bay.

The morning fog almost mad the reflection of the moon impossible to see.

He knew that he really should not have stopped, but he also knew that you needed to take advantage of those moments of beauty that life offered you and appreciate them to there fullest.

He had been on the road for two days. No real destination, just a feeling he had to follow.

Maybe he was crazy, his ex thought so, of course she had nothing nice to say about him and said it often.

He could not stand a person who lied, but if that was the only way she could make herself fell better, it didn't hurt him at all.

He knew the truth about himself, that was all that mattered.

Words are just....

A noise behind him caught his attention.

Someone in heels, and from the sound of it she really knew how to walk in them.

He decided to light a cigarette, to allow her to be made aware of his location so she would not be startled by his presence.

She had stopped about ten feet to the left of him.

That was odd, she had stooped but head not heard her stop, he listened closer, no sound at all emanated from her.

There she was, but it was like she wasn't there at all.

"Miss are you OK?" he asked.

Still nothing.

There she was, short dress,, just over mid thigh, the heels, and two very well shaped legs.

Her hair was up in a bun, showing her neck, all in all he thought of her as elegance in motion.

He began to move in her direction, the closer he got, the clearer she became to his eyes.

She was turned away, no earing's and evening attire, unusual, only a few people display that kind of self confidence.

Strangers in the night, nice song, but that kind of thing just did not happen, or if it did, not to him.

The wind picked up as he reached for her shoulder.

Her image began to dissipate, until it was obvious that he was alone.

Tired, that's it he was just too tired.

He should have known better, this was the woman he had seen many times in his dreams.

He turned and started walking to his pick-up.

"Who are you?" he heard her voice say on the wind.

Quickly he turned scanning everything.

Nothing, he was indeed alone, but that was nothing new for him.

Getting in his truck he decided to stop and get some coffee.

Walking in he saw the clerk behind the counter, three young men, and a young woman and her child bundled up in her arms.

Must have ran out of diapers and formula, he thought to himself, been there, done that, miss those days.

He reached the coffee pot, but the coffee smelled burnt and old.

Diet Coke it is he decided and grabbed one.

Returning to the front of the store he saw for the first time the fear in eyes of the young clerks eyes.

He felt something slam into his shoulder and recognized it from memories past.

He turned and threw the diet coke at his assailant, the throat, one down, two to go.

Moving quickly, the animal had been released.

He hated how he loved the way it made him feel to release the animal.

Knee, throat, chest, ears. One kick, two punches and both fist to the ears of the last one standing.

Three down!

He turned to the clerk and started to ask for bandages when he realized his mistake too late.

She stood there, pistol in hand, holding the doll.

Three impacts he counted and then darkeners.

She dropped the note as her pager came to life.

The white rose last night, the roses and the note tonight, she did not understand how, but right now she had a mission.

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