My Road trip, Not just an Adventure!  

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5/6/2006 11:32 pm

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My Road trip, Not just an Adventure!

Had to go to the aid of a friend for a few days, so I'll be attempting to catch up on all the blogs I follow and leave comments shortly.

In the mean time, I want to shoare with you the adventures of I-85, and beyond. Mind you those of the weak of heart my not to read any further.................................

OK times up, your fucked now!

Anyway, I had a friend at Ft Rucker that needed some help. Me being me, I responded as soon as possible. Packed quickly, hit 26 to greenville, White Horse road has a lot of new commerce since the last time I went that way, glad to see the construction is finally done.

Jumped on I-85 and headed to Atlanta, discovered that while most people can make smoe sort of sense of the writing on those signs, nobody has anyconcept of what those numericla obeject are for. Exampe if the spped limit is 50, traffic is 80, and so on, but when it reachs 75, traffic ussally is at 35 at best. Her's a hint, that little red and blue sign is not the speed limit, it is the road number.

Anyway, I arrive at Atlanta, by-pass or barrel straight throgh down town on 85. Yep, I went straight through. Cops ar sitting on the side of the road taking bets on the next accident, a cow is holding it's breath until it's face turns blue, a man is dressed as a Goya, the Donald is coming to town, sombody put up a speed limit sign. Feeeling guilty everyone stops to admire it for a moment and returns to life at 85 mph.

I am cut off, forced into different lanes, three taxi's pass me like I'm in reverse. Then it happens. The beat is load, steady, and inspiring. AC/DC's 'she shook me all night long' is blasting through my speakers as I loadly proclaim "You moter's are in trouble now!"

I still drive like a cop, and all that coambat deffense driving just jumped to the front of my mind. As I not only caught but passed the Taxi drivers, I looked over to see a DAAAAAAAAMN! expression on the driver's face. The airport took abot 2 minutes to pass. "Highway to Hell' started blasting away. I passed a Geogia Trooper, he looked up long enough to decide he would wait for someone slower.

On to Abalama, no, not Alabama, Abalama! Constuction signs everywhere, no constuction anywhere. What the F%$*?! Does Abalama put those signs up incase they decide to do construction there on day? Traffic slowed, was it an accident? Had I finally found construction? Nope, the median mowers were taking a break and soembody decided to take pictures, and people say I'm strange!

Ft Rucker bound, I arrive and hour early! Damn! I must have made really good time. that's when I remembered, Ft Rucker is an hour behind Asheville. Oh, like it has never happened to you. I took care of business and returned home, arrive home a couple hours ago. The cat and the fish are mad at me. three days alone and the organized and formed a union.

Now, I have a few questions:

1. does the police that patrol the carpool lane ahve two cops in the car so they don't break the law they are enforcing?

2. How many of you bought a car because bigger is safer?

3. Does this symbol (55 MPH) transplate to A)s F)ast Y)ou C)an G)o?

4. What is so fascinating about a go cutting the grass?

5. And finally, who was that ASSHOLE in Atlanta that flicked a bugger the size of an oyster on my wind shield?

Juliet610 51F

5/7/2006 12:18 am

Glad you made it home safe, AND without a ticket! (I got TWO last year, and before those, the only one I'd ever had was when I was 19!) BTW, I thought that 55 MPH was the minimum you could go.....guess that would explain the tickets!


reverend21 replies on 5/7/2006 4:05 am:
never had a ticket, never been in an accident


5/7/2006 12:55 am

that is nasty

Glad ya made is back safe and sound

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

reverend21 replies on 5/7/2006 4:04 am:
Hey, had to make it make so i could see you smile

HBowt2 58F

5/7/2006 7:34 am

now this one I enjoyed....glad I stayed to read it....

reverend21 replies on 5/7/2006 9:57 am:
I'm glad you did too

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