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4/25/2006 3:18 pm

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100 th blog

As per tradition I will attempt to tell 1oo things about me, starting with the questions I was asked

1. mzhunyhole
what size shoes do ya wear?

2. tillerbabe
Tell us what your favorite night out with your perfect woman would be.

Candle light dinner, followed by dancing. It would be raining gently and we would dance in the rain. Coming home, we would undress and enjoy each other over a bottle of wine. Making oh so sweet love with our bodies and spirits intertwining, becoming one.

3. bardicman
Ok, one question.. Where do you see yourself on YOUR 100th birthday. (you cannot pick dead! this is an optimistic question)

I see myself in one three places, Antarctica, Living at the bottom of the ocean, or terra forming one of Saturn’s moon, Titan

4. kelly402005
Why are you so ruggedly handsome?!!!

Truth is I see myself as handsome, but I don’t really expect others to see me as such, if I have any type of ego, it’s so small I am unaware of it.

5. ohsodelicious
Has your agenda changed...as far as this site...since you've been blogging? 

I’m still looking for Miss Right if that is what you mean, (of course I it would not hurt my feelings to meet Miss Right Now) as far as my blog goes, I’m still attempting to make people think and smile

6. clevergirl4U
Why the handle "reverend?"

It was covered in a blog entry, “Why they call me Reverend” but a simple explanation, the name was given to me by my troops after a night with a very vocal young lady

7. snatchmatch71
i dunno. . .whatever you feel like letting slip out. . .

Oh, left yourself wide open with that one, I can’t eat an ice cream cone around women, straight or otherwise, without some rather …… well ……. Lets put it this way, women seem to like my tongue, a lot

If you could have one wish for another person not related to you...what would it be?

A wish for another person not related to me, hmmmmmm, tuff one, it has to be one person, I guess it would have to be for kelly402005, her son is in Iraq, I wish him safe return.

9. Juliet610
What is the one place you have to go/see or one thing you have to do before you can say, "okay, NOW I can die a happy camper"?

Ireland, I would like to walk the land of my Irish bloodline and hopefully discover that my son is not the last of my blood line

10. I'm half Irish half Indian
11. I have only one child
12. I just bought a PT Cruiser, red (my son and everybody else had a Hell of a time getting in and out of my truck)
13. I was awarded the "Golden Condom Award" after my ex wife bragged about how I usuasally fill and have to change out condoms once or twice during sex
14. I was a virgin until I week before I was supposed to get married, we both were.
15. they day before I was married to here, I caught her with another man
16. I traveled to the Phillipenes a week later
17. I have been to the Phillipenes, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Burma, Mexico, Canada, England, Wales, Scotland, Norway, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Switxerland, Slovania, Bosnia, Serbia, Saudia Arabia, Iraq, United Arab Imerates, Kuwait, Hondurus, Germany, and probably a few others I can't remeber right now.
18. I was quite permiscuious afte my discovery with my first almost marrage, and I learned a Hell of a lot, sexual wise
19. I have been trained in massage in both Asia and Europe, actually quite skilled from what I have been told
20. I have a blue point siamese cat named Arc Light
21. I also have a siamese fighting fish, named Sunburst
22. I feel that hate is a very powerful emotion and does more damage to you than the person, therefore I reserve my hate for those that earn it, at the time that slot is vacant
23. I was married for 14 years, to the same woman, jsut divorced
24. My Birthday Is April 30
25. Only two things get me angry,
26. 1. when someone attacks my loved ones
27. 2. blantant lies or assumptions about me
28. I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains
29. I have quite a large CD and DVD collection
30. I spent ten years in the military
31. I love sci-fi Friday's
32. I don't affiliate myself with any political party as I feel they are all corrupt and no matter who is in office, they are baought and paid for by Corporate America
33. I assist disabled Veterans with filing claims for benefits
34. I always try to make people smile where ever I am
35. I served in two seperate branches of the Military, the US Marines and the US Air Force
36. If I had one wish, I would wish everyone in the world would laugh at the same time, that would mean no one would be fighting.
37. I believe in capitol punishment
38. I beleive that we should use technology to prove or disprove the guilt of everyone on death row, if they are guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt, make them extinct
39. I feel the greatest crime our nation comits is spending more money on our criminals, than our childrens education
40. I pity those people who feel it is nessacary to hate because of race, religion, sex, etc. life is a terrible thing to waste, and they have chosen to waste theirs
41. I wish I could lend my strength to all those who need it, providing an ear to listen, a shoulder to lean or cry on, or a warm meal out of the weather
42. I never cheated on my ex-wife
43. The last four years of my marrage was in name alone, no sex only arguments and another year and a half without until the divorce was final
44. I always try to keep my promises
45. I try to never lie
46. I always attempt to keep an open mind about things
47. I love animated movies
48. I love college Basketball, go Wolf Pack (they rarely win, but you have to pull for the home team), Pro Football Go Panthers (ditto on the home team and winning)
49. Baseball I prefer to see live, highschool college, and Little league
50. I have never been to a professional sporting event, yet!
51. I only hunt with a camera or a sketch pad
52. I am attempting to teach my son how to track and embrace nature
53. I will never understand why people get upset about a farmer clearing an acre of land to grow crops, but nobody complains about clear cutting the side of a mountain to put up multi million dollar homes
54. I love to cook, but hate doing dishes
55. When I clean, I do a white glove inspection after myself (old military habits die hard)
56. I have a beard for the first time in my life, why, several women have told me they like me with a beard, anything to increase my odds and for a smile
57. I love all types of music
58. I enjoy movies based on the story, not the specail effects or the actor, and especcially not if the critiks or the academy of actors suggest it
59. I have made friends with most of my 'Ghosts' (bad memeories better forgotten) only two or three haunt me from time to time
60. I only snore when I am exhausted, loudly from what I have been told
61. Certain sounds can wake me from a dead sleep, other wise I have slept through hurricanes, earthquakes, and alarm clocks that wake the neighbors, and I live on a half acre lot
62. I love sex
63. I love women, to me all women are living breathing works of art, even those that think I'm sexist by thinking that
64. I believe that if a person can do a job they should be allowed to do it with equal pay, no matter of race, relegion, or sex
65. I believe the required hiring of people due to race, religion, sex etc is jsut another form of bigotry
66. I disagree with abortion being used as a form of birth control, but I feel there is a need for abortion and that it should not be banned
67. As a veteran, I may not like what you have to say, but I will defend you're right to say it, whether I agree with it or not
68. I pity those people who claim to have an open mind as long as you agree with them
69. I am retired, medically
70. I have diabetes and fibromyaligia
71. They made it impossible to work a full time job, but they very seldom bother me now that I am retired and can be proactive in the treatment of the symptoms
72. My medical retirement resulted when I was told by my employer, that I could eiter put in for medical retirement or they would fire me
73. My fibromyalgia can be activated by stress, so my ex-wife was litterally killing me
74. I have been through several military and federal defensive driving course, and taht knowledge comes in very handy, although it may scare my passengers from time to time
75. I was a cop for 4 years
76. I decided it was not for me when a person I arrested that morning was released that afternoon and given my home address, and then proceeded to hunt me down with a shotgun, I could not endanger my wife this way any longer
77. Besides, I got real tired of having to prove my innocence everytime I pulled my weapon
78. The only time I have really been terrified was when the hospital contacted me to tell me my son was in the ER,
79. His mother believes in better parenting through medication and had OD'ed him
80. no, this was not a good reason for her to loose custody, as I was told in both incidents, accidents can happen (twice, give me a break)
81. I am a white male, veteran, from the south that smokes, I run into a huge ammount of people who misjudge me based on these factors
82. My first introduction in to bigotry was in the northern states, it is blatant and everybody seems to hate everyone for any and every reason.
Oh, and that includes one of the most Liberl states, where you are judged by your bank account, yep, classism is another form of bigotry
83. I can't sew worth anything, but I'm great with sutures
84. I believe death is just another step in life, whats next, well until someone returns to show me for sure, I will have to wait and see
85. I believe there is life on other planets
86. I believe that all economic systems should be abolished and a new system installed based on production, homemakers would earn a hell of a lot and or world leaders and politicians would starve.
87. I treat people with respect until they prove unworthy of it
88. I was awarded Jump wings in the military, but feel I did not deserve them as I was pushed twice and Gunny picked me up an tosed me the third time
89. Nope, I enjoy it now, I just was not wild about jumping into a jungle/forested area
90. My life is proof that fact is stranger than fiction
91. I believe in the right to have firearms, but I do not own a gun, as I don't need one
92. I am a very complex person until you get to know me
93. People tend to either hate me or love me, no in between
94. I play games at www.pogo.com, if yo are ever there look me up ash287185
95. I love strategy games
96. I believe that men and women are not that different, we are just victims of our hormones
97. I have never experimented with drugs of any kind, no peircings, but I do have a tattoo
98. I have never had a traffic ticket or been in an accident
99. Although, I have been ran over by three different cars on three seperate occasions
100. There is nothing in my life I would go back and change, as it would change the person I am now

Finally! if there are any other questions, fell free to ask, this may be your one and only chance to do so

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