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4/3/2006 2:55 pm

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I was standing in a checkout line at a store this morning and, as I customarily do, I look about at all of the magazines they have showcased by the registers. These usually consist of 85% celebrity magazines, 14% the only slightly less respectable tabloids, and 1% magazines I might actually read if I, for some strange reason, ran out of books. Most of the celebrity magazines have at least one thing on the cover stating that they are examining what makes particular people sexy, or giving tips for everyone to help themselves be sexy. (On a side note, if you want to by physically sexy, put down the fucking magazine and go for a walk, go to the gym, play basketball, do some sit-ups) Generally, the accompanying pictures show some well-known celebrity, generally female, who is the epitomy of "sexy" to the general populace. Today, I saw something a bit out of the ordinary. I looked at a picture at the top of one of the magazines, which one doesn't really matter because they are all the same magazine anyway, which caught my attention because it was out of the ordinary. In the picture was a male (first anomaly) with a three day beard that looked a bit unkempt (second anomaly) and hair that looked like he had just gotten out of bed (maybe not so strange, depending on which generation you're thinking of.) Below that picture was the caption "Sexy Comedian Dane Cook". Now, I'm quite entertained by a great deal of Dane Cook's material, but sexy isn't a definitive word that I would have ever assigned to him, especially in that picture. This got me to thinking and begs the question; "What makes a person sexy?" Obviously, I am very interested in knowing what makes a man sexy to a woman. It is in my best interest to know this and then, through my numerous flaws, I will continue to in no way emulate those qualities. Still, I seem to handle my own in that area. So, what is it that would make a guy that looks like Dane Cook did in that picture or a guy like me sexy, despite all our shortcomings? I have a pretty good grasp on what makes a woman sexy to me, which seems to be out of the ordinary when compared to the stereotypical "beautiful" women of the world but, when it comes to what makes men sexy to women, throw me a fucking bone!

RedheadedMedStd 34F

4/3/2006 8:09 pm

Maybe it's cause he's funny? Lots of women find that really attractive. Other than that, Dane Cook? You got me.

revelinthedance 34M

4/4/2006 10:56 am

But, does "funny" necessarily equate to "sexy"? I totally understand the appeal of a sense of humor, and that can certainly work to make a person more attractive, but does it work out to "sexy"? And it was also a general question. What makes a guy, any guy, sexy to a woman?

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