rev354 45M
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3/15/2006 11:33 am

So many women that seem like they want to get laid but not one thats interested in me. I'm thinking that its all for the best, as a married man as myself should not be fucking around anyway, bad karma i guess. I am powerless over women, i cant help myself. They are such a strange and gorgeous creature, i want to fuck all of them. I cant say that i'm very picky, i will fuck just about any woman thats willing. Not to say that im an ugly cat, just extremly horny. The wife seems to wnat to just fuck and get it over with, and i need more than just that. She is satisfied with cumming and thats that. I need foreplay, kissing touching and maybe a little roleplaying. I guess thats why i keep coming to this site hoping against hope that i get lucky. Ive sent a few emails to some ladys today, but i cant seem to get a reply. Maybe its the way i go about things or the things i write down. I was brought up to treat women with respect and common courtesy maybe i need a site that is less aggressive. I cant get myself to write the things that go trough my head, its not my way. Dont get me wrong i am not being judgmental, if you can express yourself sexually through words and emails more power to you, your probably getting laid. Todays a good day nonethless life is good.

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