So what are we looking for here?  

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5/18/2006 6:12 am

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So what are we looking for here?

Okay...This seems kind of humorous to me...there are so many men, women, and couples on here that live near me, yet it seems like no one actually wants to take the risk in meeting...I can relate,'s a dangerous world out there these days...Obviously, we are all missing something in our lives...whether it is sex, love or emotional support of some kind...and we all converge on this site hoping to find a release or connection of some sort....My question is this: Is it all just talk and fantasy? I'm not saying that it is a requirement to meet anyone here, but I sometimes feel it is just a worthless game...My goal is to connect with people...not just sexually. Friendships are also important in this life, but I don't feel like people even want that. Any thoughts, my friends?

rm_skyeone2 64M/45F
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5/18/2006 6:43 am

Retsam, I don't really know about all the areas of AdultFriendFinder but the people in the Manitoba chatroom tend to get together for what they call "Meet and Greets". This happens on friday nights, sometimes saturdays, and yes occasionaly both. For the most part there is a good turn out depending on who started the conversation of when and where to meet. They have different bars they frequent on a regular basis as well. Then of course there are the private parties that some have on a monthly basis, not to mention all the birthday parties that are always in progress. I'm not sure if this is unique to the Manitoba chatroom or not, but from what I've noticed in other chatrooms it certainly seems to be.

Good luck in finding people to get together with! I have to be honest and say that for the most part (99.9% of the time) we only get together with people just to meet them and make friends. Nothing sexual involved.


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