Sex book redux  

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7/23/2005 2:46 pm

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Sex book redux

So, on the topic of "What Women Want", subtitled "Oral Sex Dos", here's my summary of points usually seen in sex how-to books.

1. Have some enthusiasm.

This sounds easy, but this means you actually *do* enjoy the smell and taste. She'll figure you out really fast if you only *say* you do.

2. Be gentle.

Yes, you like a firm squeeze when you are receiving, but she probably likes your tongue and lips more relaxed. You'll last longer comfortably without an excess of tension, too. Oh, and try some of that dreaded foreplay. Kiss the point of the hips, pay some heed to the inside of the thighs, and warm her up with some lubricated circular motion on the outer labia.

3. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Once you find something magic, don't change anything. She gets a few rungs up on the arousal ladder, then you push her off. Do slow down when she comes, but wait to let her push you away. She'll probably tense and/or rock her hips
when she's close- hips never lie.

As far as position or a finger(s) inside during, do the right thing and ask her beforehand.

To the two actual live females who might read this, feel free to add your improvements to this. I'd sure hate to have this wrong.

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