Hollyweird Got One Right  

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7/25/2005 9:59 am

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Hollyweird Got One Right

There is a fairly little-known movie, starring Steve Martin, titled "The Lonely Guy." While most movies have characters that are extremely unreal for entertainment purposes, this one hits closer to the bone.

By far the best scene in this- Steve's character decides to get some "real food." As a break from "bachelor food." So he goes to a restaurant, and asks for a "Table For One."

Big mistake.

As soon as he says this, a spotlight snaps on and focuses right on him- and everyone in the place stops everything to stare a hole through him. There is not a sound as he goes to his table, but the spotlight follows and everybody's head swivels to maintain the stare-down.

When he gets seated, the waiter asks if he'd like anything else- "Yes- could everybody go back to doing what they were doing before? And- could you turn off the spotlight?!"

The waiter snaps his fingers, all goes back to "normal."

I've been there. Actually, I'm still very much there right now.

The difference is that, in real life, the spotlight does not go out until you leave the place. It is mighty hot under that thing.

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