From Russia, With Love?  

restorer52 53M
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8/5/2005 2:00 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

From Russia, With Love?

A few days back I got a startler in my e-mail (no, not from AdultFriendFinder.)

It was from a woman in Russia, who evidently got my name and address from some "service" in the .ru domain.

I decided to write her (hey, wtf, right?) and she turns out to be a perfectly normal human being, who says "computers are just now changing our lives here."

This is interesting from two perspectives-

My virtual identity is floating around to the extent that a miscellaneous person in Russia can write me, which I have to say is kinda cool, and a little scary, and

I have just found someone as lonely as me.

And you know, misery loves company.

vengeur 41M
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8/5/2005 4:49 pm

I am here to tell you something regarding e-mails from Russian women.

First of all, don't be scared that somebody you do not know is capable of obtaining your e-mail address. There is software that can rapidly generate hundreds and even thousands of valid e-mail addresses. You are likely just one of many who received the same e-mail.

Second, don't buy into the claim that "computers are just now changing our lives" in Russia. There have been personal computers there for years, and average people have been using the web in Russia for almost as long as average people have been using it in Western nations and the USA. I was selling computer peripheral products to Russians through ebay even back in 2002.

Third, be wary of any e-mail from Russian women who are claiming to be lonely. It could be all for something to just rip you off in the end, with the e-mail's author truly being neither actually Russian, nor even a woman.

restorer52 53M

8/6/2005 9:11 pm

Hmmm.. your comment is appreciated. I will repeat an item from the August 2005 Playboy Advisor-

For the past month I have been exchanging e-mail with a young woman in Russia through an online dating service. Recently she told me she has fallen in love with me and has put money down on a plane ticket. The problem is that she's $640 short. I would love to meet her, but I'm afraid this may be a scam. What do you think?
More blood is flowing to your brain than to your penis. Too bad for her.

As I said, I'm cool with your warning. But I'm not sure about this one- her letter seems a bit more genuine than your average scam artist. Be assured the deal will be sealed for me if she asks for money (which she won't get.)

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