A Big Pink Pill For Girlie-Man  

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7/30/2005 2:02 pm

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A Big Pink Pill For Girlie-Man

I can break some of the weaker "gender tests" out there- some of them call me out as female. This (I think) has to do with the ability to read emotion in faces quickly. Mind you, the stronger tests are not so easily fooled.

Generally, these are the accepted primary "female" traits:

-> Excellent verbal skills
-> Reads subtle emotion in faces accurately
-> Can think, or do, multiple things at once, multi-task
-> Competes using lesser-aggressive tactics

Mind you, there is a difference between traits resulting from the brain itself and those imposed by societial culture, all overlaid by individual experience and personality.

Having said that, I can see that I have some sterotypical female traits. I'm not entirely comfortable with that, but there it is.

No, this is not a "gay confession." I definitely feel attracted to women only, trust me. I'm not saying that being gay is a crime, I'm saying it is not *me*.

Anyway, I'm lactose intolerant, and now cannot drink soy milk either. So I have to take a calcium supplement.

I have tried the usual supplements, but most of them have something in them that still seriously upsets my stomach. And I'm afraid I'll choke on them- they are horse-pill-sized, and go down like a brick.

So I swallowed my pride and tried the Caltrate brand, specifically a formula made for women 50+. Sure enough, it gives me the calcium without any drama.

I now, twice daily no less, take a big pink pill from a bottle with a big bright pink label.. it's perfect. Just perfect.

Ah-nold would joke about my life; but trust me, he couldn't *handle* my life.

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