Thursday Night - Ready for the Weekend  

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9/22/2005 6:55 pm

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Thursday Night - Ready for the Weekend

You know you are getting old when you don't feel the pain creep up in your body until after the particular event. I used to pride myself on speed and intensity and while the speed and intensity is there - these little pains keep creeping up biting me harshly. At least tonight ended well - play in a local rec bball league and we really needed this win tonight and I was proud of how our team did, coming from behind to win in OT. What can I say - I started off feeling like I was 20 again, making jump shots, running fast breaks - then bam, bam - a ball right to the nose, and my neck feels like someone is just pinching my nerve. Of course, I continued to play, because the ladies like someone tough (right ladies??). Then I get home and I am like, oh man, I am getting old. My son looks at me and says, daddy you aren't old - people just throw things at you and do things to hurt you. Ahh, the mind of child!!!!! Got to love them!!

I know, I know - I talk too much sports but I can be a gentleman and do what the ladies like to do. Too bad work is keeping me busy - my dating and courting skills are a little rusty!!

Any ladies local that know of a good masseuse....feel free to email me!!!!

To all have a good night - and remember, Panthers will triumph over the Tuna Fish and the Heels will take care of business of the Pack!! (ok, so on the last I am really hoping - but I was at the game last year and would have never given them a chance to be victorious).


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