Saturday October 15, 2005  

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Saturday October 15, 2005

Ok - so the sad story only got 2 comments and both of those referenced my sports teams. Well here goes - I know that things will get better and I am sure that I will find that right someone and I know that it isn't likely to happen on here - considering that most of the people on here are only interested in sex. I just wonder - where are the people and how do you meet them. I am not one that is outgoing - I work hard and am one of the most respectful, most easy going, most giving people you will ever meet. Maybe I give a little too much, because I do more for others than I do for myself.

My marriage didn't work out because honestly, I think I spoiled her too much. I allowed her to pursue her dreams to the fullest and with the full backing that I could give - only to have her push me away and have those dreams become the absolute love of her life. Do I wish I could go back and change things? Sure - because it is hard starting over. It is much easier to find people when you are younger, but with work and being a father, I have very little spare time to pursue any "girlfriend" interests. I guess it is a catch 22 - I was married, had a wife that came home every day, plop down on the couch and watch tv until time to go to bed, then we would go to sleep. Intimacy was null and void and our relationship became roommate material. So I decide enough is enough and we separate and now are divorced - yet, I am still alone, except I have no one beside me now. So I left one instance to be in the exact same instance but only in a different way. Wow- I thought I was smart - boy was I fooled. Maybe I care too much about other people that I don't let myself into the fray - that I forgot all that I love to please someone else when that cannot be possible. I have never had a woman spoil me - it has always been the other way around - I was raised a southern gentleman, you know, the door holding, the always paying, the rose bringing guy that has that southern accent and southern charm.

Ok, I have rambled on long enough and as you can see - I am having a down night tonight - but that is just the lack of sleep talking I do believe. Anywho - everyone have a goodnight and don't let the bed bugs bite - well, at least the ones that don't feel good anyway!

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