Friday - oh yeah Catscratch  

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9/23/2005 4:47 pm

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Friday - oh yeah Catscratch

You know you are at the highlight of your life when on a Friday evening, I am relegated to watching Catscratch. For anyone that has never seen the show, take a peek - good quality cartoon. Takes some getting used to, but is hiliarious if you like stupid humor.

Do you ever sit and think - why are there so many weird people out there? Why can't people just be themselves and not put on a front? For instance, have this guy that I am looking at hiring, seems like a nice guy, clean cut, calm, cool, seems intelligent....then someone who knows this person tells you some information that is collaborated by several people that just makes you shake your head and say, "are you talking about the same person that I was perhaps going to hire?"

There are only 3 aspects of life that I am eternally searching for, truth, happiness and love. That order may seem a little odd, but think about this. When there is truth there is peace and happiness because it is what it is. There isn't some mountain of lies, or smokey half truth's that you have to wade through. Once truth and happiness is in place, love is all that is left and is easy at that point becaue a foundation has been built. Do people fail? Of course, none of us are perfect - but you can tell the person's heart by the subtle things that they do!!!

Ok, enough of my philosophical rambling - everyone have a good evening and until we meet again - later alligators!

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