am i all that?  

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10/5/2005 6:23 pm

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am i all that?

At the moment, I am doing clinicals at a psychiatric hospital. It has been a very enriching experience. The patient I was assigned to just thought I was awesome and caring and bragged on me to my instructor, that meant a lot. I have a lot of empathy, having been through so much in my own life, perhaps I might consider going into psych nursing...

Anyways, there is guy in my clinical group that has been very obviously flirting with me. He crossed some boundaries and normally I would be happy, he's cute and smart. But he's married and has 3 little kids. I don't do married guys, just don't do it. I dunno, I am a bit of a flirt myself sometimes without realising it. daughter's gastrointerologist has always been a flirt and I flirt back, he's single tho. But, he's moving away and I am gonna miss his smile and his caring attitude. He was one of the few docs I have encountered that didn't act like I was just an overprotective mom.

I rock!

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