things are happening  

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2/26/2006 11:01 pm

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things are happening

signed on today and found the following:

0 new messages
0 new connection invitations
1 wink..yes a REAL CONTACT. this wink originated with the lady and was not a response to one that i had sent to her. best of all she lives in this province. of course i replied with a wink. perhaps she will be moved to e-mail me.
13 visits to my profile.
5 total more from out of country and the lady who sent my wink to me. the out of country interest continues to grow, and is somewhat puzzling. perhaps one will e-mail me and explain her interest.

this blog is generating some interest among members. there have been 188 hits here. 11 members have been moved to make comments on the experiment and i thank them for their valuable input. i have responded to clarify some things and to eplain myself further.

my hot list now stands at 69...not planned i assure you. today 3 ladies were either dropped by the site or blocked me in response to my putting them on the list and winking. i have found that i have to increase the number of profiles i check...surface view only... when browsing. if i check 400 or less i keep running into people i have already viewed and/or added to my hot list. browsing now means a greater investment of time...not complaining just stating a fact.

yesterday i tried something new. i check the magazine on a regular basis to vote on questions and to make comments. i decided to go a step further...i posed 4 questions of my own. so far 62 members have voted and 41 members have posted comments in reply. thanks to all for their interest.

i was worried that this blog could become a self fulfilling prophesy. it crossed my mind that those who viewed here may be reluctant to contact me because they did not want to ruin the shut out, or no hitter, if you will. the one lonely wink received has done this. so please if you were holding back you can relax, hit the keys, and send button.

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