later than i thought  

rescue_me_2005 60M
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3/28/2006 11:42 pm

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7/5/2006 4:45 pm

later than i thought

signed on today and found the following:

1 new wink...from someone in this province...good profile...the first i have been able to view since joining as a standard member... but she did not reply to my return wink
0 new messages
0 invites to join networks

21 members have viewed my profile to date but none have tried to contact me via e-mail. i continue to send my quota of 10 winks per day. i do not add as many people to my hotlist...perhaps i have become more discerning...or just can't be bothered.

this blog has amassed over 900 visits to date but again no one has tried to contact me via e-mail in spite of the mounting interest.

i was away for an extended period...longer than i had planned but upon my return it was business here as interest beyond an isolated viewing or two.

women continue to block me as a response to being placed on my hot list. i have continued to pare my hot list at 40. in a couple of days i will erase all of the people i have added and start again. some are getting old on the list but none have contacted me via e-mail.

i continue to be active in and enjoy the magazine section. christ i get tired of the size and squirting women that all new members...and some old.. have on their minds?

i am beginning to believe that this site is a real bust and waste of time. just like at the bar scene there is a lot of posturing and preening but no real connections or interest. many come here more for fun and games and entertainment, not to meet people and connect. if this is an example of one of the most popular sites the rest must be plain shit. but perhaps i am being too negative...after all i have only been here approx. four months and have not been contacted by anyone but blocked by many.

to all who have visited, thank you for the interest...comments and stories of your successes and failures welcome...especially from the ladies...stay tuned.

twostrokehotty2 54
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3/29/2006 12:41 am

First of all, us women are smart enough to not reply to a "male" who is looking for a "sexy woman". Should you revise your profile to include an incling of intellect you may get a response from someone who trips your trigger.

rescue_me_2005 60M
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4/4/2006 10:33 pm


read your comment with interest. i reviewed my profile as you suggested and made some changes along the lines you suggest. i realized your comments had merit and added more to round out the image i present and to take off the sexist, sex mad picture presented. thanks for the input.

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