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3/13/2006 11:23 pm

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having a blast

signed on today and found the following:

0 new messages
0 new requests to join networks
0 winks
3 new visitors to my profile...interest is up
1 new match who viewed my profile

i have been more discerning in who i add to my hot list. in future i will call a spade a spade and report the women who react to my winks by blocking me as just that...women who react by blocking me. however fewer are doing this lately. the number on my hot list now sits at 61, non have tried to contact me in response to me placing them on there and sending winks. have continued to send my quota of winks...out into the void.

i have increased my activity in the magazine and must admit i find this feature very entertaining. the endless pictures of male and female genitals bring a smile to my face. perhaps in the future i should expand this experiment by buying a gold membership and putting a picture of my dick in my profile to see if that works. truly though, visit the advice section and get involved you will have loads of fun and some good exposure. be warned, the members on there are ruthless in their replies and do not pull their punches. this blog has even been included in replies to my questions and comments.

this blog continues to draw visits, the number now is close to 700. some of the visitors have added constructive comments and encouragement, i thank you for the assist.

for comparison purposes i may join lavalife too. as a bare bones member on there i will see if a person can have any success. it would be interesting to see if the women over there respond to winks/smiles and e-mails. if i do i will keep you posted. who knows, could be fun. what do my visitors think. have any of you had experience with lavalife...comments on your thoughts welcome.

i will be out of town on thursday and friday so will not be posting. perhaps i will sign in on saturday and find a million e-mails that were lost over this month and are finally now being delivered...yeah...right...give me the head hammer.

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