Rescue Me......  

replicant354 52M/43F
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10/15/2005 7:08 pm

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6/6/2006 6:45 pm

Rescue Me......

I've noticed that a lot of people post lyrics to songs or poetry as a means of self expression. Although I relate to music quite well I'm afraid that poetry generally speaking doesn't do it for me. I cannot write decent poetry nor do I relate to it that well when written by others. Music is definitely the way to go for me. Unfortunately I lack any real talent in music. Yes I can pick up most instruments and am able to play a recognizeable tune under an hour, but I simply ape what has already been done. I am not creative when it comes to music.

I tend to express myself through more visual means. Lately I've been feeling a lot of stress if not downright depression. I won't go into that here, the reasons aren't really relevant...this post is more about how people deal with such things. Lately I've been painting. A lot! I love to paint, but until recently lacked the inspiration or time. The past two weeks I've been off of work (without pay grrrr) plenty of time. And I've been stressed/depressed...plenty of motivation to escape...So I've been playing around with paints...I've been having a lot of fun doing so, and much to my suprise some of the pieces are passably good. In addition, while I'm painting I'm totally focused on my work, not my issues.....hmmmmmm

So what do you do to relieve unwanted negativity? Work out? Meaningless sex? Poetry, painting or music? Or do you simply punch holes through the walls (something I've done many a time, believe you me!) Everybody needs an outlet....what yours?

kats60 56F

10/15/2005 11:46 pm

how nice it must be to be able to have that release, my moms been painting for years, i cant paint for shit,my work is kindergarden art.hope you get back to work soon! kat

Alias_46 57M

10/17/2005 11:32 am

Hey hon how's it hanging!

ooops! just visited your alphabet thingy and got stuck on h's!! LOL!!

That one piece looks really good, would love to see some of your artwork! Have you ever done a show?

For me, when I'm feeling blue I either hop on my bicycle and ride or immerse myself in music, cranked to the max!!

In a fit of anger once I broke the windshield of my car with my fist... shocked me that I was able to!! I wish I could paint!

Gilgamesh1938 78M
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11/2/2005 8:09 pm

Music works; so does writing. Have you tried writing erotica? First attempts don't get shown around; but the experience canbe cathartic--among other things. Hope this helps: beats punching out walls which can be injurious to your health! Take care.

Hard_Dude69me 48M

12/25/2005 8:19 pm

LOL... long time no talk... I am back... you still around?

hessian01 51M

5/26/2006 5:21 pm

hi i am new to this...... i like to relax and eat some great food... i love to cook.... i find it relaxes me... a good bottle of red wine also helps.... sex is always a great release

67coyboy 49M  
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6/10/2008 12:59 am


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