On Being Average  

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8/19/2005 9:57 pm

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On Being Average

This latest entry in inspired in part by a recent post in the BBW group and by a conversation with a friend that I had the other day.

This woman and I were both talking about being average. Neither of us is a BBW, nor are we of the slim or fit categories. Before the first BBW party I went to I was very apprehensive. Would I fit in? If all the men there were looking for larger women, would I meet the criteria, or end up being a wallflower the whole night? Likewise when I received an invite to a party outside the BBW group I was concerned that I would be too fat! I'm not quite sure where I fit into the grand scheme of things....I'm just average!

Now I don't mind being average, the problem is that average is such a subjective word. What it means to me might not be the same thing that it means to you. So I have 2 questions for you ladies and gentleman in Blogland:

1) What does average mean to you? What is the image that pops into your mind when you see this in profiles?

2) In your experience, are the folks that describe themselves as average being honest? Upon meeting them do you think "Hey wow, s/he's awfully thin, bordering on emaciated?" or "Hmmm, I dunno, a few extra pounds or ample would be more appropriate"?

I usually do ask people that I can count on for an honest answer (and not just to be nice), and thus far the consensus is I'm average. LOL Feel free to look at the pics of me in this blog and give me your opinion!

LoveHandles686 68M

8/20/2005 6:49 pm

Hi Average Replicant,

I give you a grade of very AVERAGE for your body... two legs, two arms, two boobs, two eyes, etc..., what could be more average than that.

The body type category is kind of a dumb category. I listed mine as a "Little Extra Padding", but that's not how I feel when I look at myself in the mirror every morning. I used to remember when I could touch my toes now I only miss being able to see them when I look down.

You don't have any reason to consider yourself average, you are a very attractive woman. Don't let the choices on the pick list bother you.

harpie8 48F

8/21/2005 7:20 am


Great question. I think that there are some people online that might need to really look in the mirror, take a hard look and re-evalutate what their actual body type is. I think I say ample in my profile, but I've been told by others that I don't belong in that category....Now you know me, but others that may not should be aware, I'm umm a little top heavy which makes me look heavier all over especially if I decide to wear a baggy shirt. Unfortunately I have no ass or hips lol. So even though I would consider myself 'voluptuous or curvy', I guess I'm relegated to the average category too lol

rm_chagi_guy 48M
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8/21/2005 3:08 pm

This is a great question, and I think it should be defined some where... I think I am average. What do you think? I think you are average if you can buy your cloths off the rack. I am a size 34/32 jean... no need to try them on.... and a large shirt...
I don't know if it is the same for women but maybe we should just give our weight and height and let everyone else figure it out...
Thank god for web cams.... lol...
Oh ya... you are average size baby...

harpie8 48F

8/22/2005 2:51 am

Rep, I have exactly the same problem....Can buy pants, skirts etc off the rack, but man oh man do I ever have a hard time buying tops, especially ones with buttons. Hmmm we should go shopping (which I also hate)together and buy the same outfits and swap tops and bottoms lmao. Lingerie....omg no way, they just don't make it to fit. Lady at the store will say...oh the largest they come is in a 38D...wtf is up with that. I haven't been at 38D since I was 15 lol....Chagi, I agree with Rep, you definetly fit the fit/athletic category. But if you'd ever care to debate this issue, I'm gonna have to see it all up close and unwrapped

rm_chagi_guy 48M
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8/22/2005 2:57 am

Hey replicant, if you and harpie are going to combine anything you should make it over me... lol....

Alias_46 57M

8/22/2005 9:51 am

Hey there

Well, this may sound silly for any that know me, but I have struggled with my weight for many years. I have always been underweight and still am. I don't think of myself as skinny any more, although I used to. I'd like to put a bit of muscle on, but hey... I'm happy with where I'm at! Once, when trying to determine what my "ideal" weight should be, I came across this method of determining your average ideal weight:

First determine your frame size by circling your wrist bone with your thumb and middle finger. If your wrist is loose, you have a small frame, if your thumb and finger just touch you have a medium frame and if they are not able to touch you have a large frame. Now... multiply your height in inches over 5 feet by 6 and add 106, the result is your average ideal weight for someone with a medium frame. Small frame will be 10 lbs less and a large frame will be 10 lbs more.

Example - I'm 5 ft 11 in. so 11 x 6 = 66 + 106 = 172. I have a medium frame, so my ideal weight is 172lbs. Not there yet!

Hope this helps... it's also important how a person feels about their weight and what they are doing about it if they aren't happy!

Nice pic by the way!

Alias_46 57M

8/22/2005 8:35 pm

Well, I checked on the web to make sure I remembered the whole thing correctly and realized I forgot the last part, which is what to make of the resulting figure, so... here's the rest:

Divide your real weight by your individual ideal weight. If the result is between 1.00 and 1.10 - congratulations! Your weight is ideal.

If it is between 1.11 and 1.20 - don't worry too much, but keep in your mind that you are marginally overweight.

If the result falls between 1.21 and 1.30, you are overweight and have to think about it seriously.

If the result is 1.31 and above, you are obese and perhaps in need of medical help.

So - there you have it!

I believe this is the same for men or women, which is why the frame size test is so important.

Okay off to read your new blog now!

Ya know this is like getting mail in your mailbox!!

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