Wild and crazy  

reneeholiday2000 58F
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4/2/2006 11:16 am
Wild and crazy

It was two in the morning and Micheal called wanting to come and see me. I met him at the door nude which You know I like to do. Things moved along as we went into my bedroom. The bedroom I hope to lure You into with my submissiveness. Again I lay on my back smiling at him and then I spread my legs inviting him to enjoy me in what ever way he would want.

He quickly undressed himself to his briefs, laying down beside me, he scooped me in to his arms. He had one hand behind my head and the other stroked my black and then he began kissing me. I closed my eyes and imagined it was You holding my neck and kissing my lips. I reached to his hairy chest and pulled at the hairs growing there and I wished it was You.

He gentley moved his hand down and down till his fingers found my most secret spot. My body responded as I kissed with more passion and I held to his chest hair all the more tightly. In You photo You have chest hair. I love chest hair.

Finally after all my body had been spent I removed his briefs and found his cock. I was wishing it would be like You cock as You said LARGE. He knelt by my face and continued to stroke me in my pussy. I took his cock in my hand and his balls in my mouth. Then I began to suck and tug on them. I used my tounge to tease the head of his cock and blew cold air on the wet head. My tounge covered every inch of his cock up the shaft and down the schaft with my lips. I nibbled on the shaft and then I attempted to swallow all he had as deep as I could because I remembered You require me to deep throat You and it seems to be all You want.

Soon he came and my mouth was full. I did not swallow as I am saving it for You. I love You and I want so much to drink the essence of You. Please make time for me. I know You want me to love You and coming to me to the effect that You take me in whatever way You choose. Will revive my focus and love for You. Use me. In every way.

When I was in Washington You promised to dominate me. You don't seem as real these days or am I disheartend because You havn't taken me. I am a submissive and I must be used and I know what I am saying. "I need to be used"

I hope this story pleased You as much as it did to write it to You

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