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4/6/2006 3:52 am

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Sex Sex Sex

We got to his mountain home and climbed the stairs to his loft. I removed my cheep little hooker suit and was wearing nothing but a white garter and stockings and gold 4” heels. He put me on his bed and the passion began.

I spent some time feeling through his chest hairs and smelling his scent. We kissed and stroked each other until I found my way from his lips to his belly and then to his cock. I spent a great deal of time down there making love to his cock and wondering what your cock must be like, smell like, feel like. Are you circumcised? I tickled the very top of the head with my tongue and ran my tongue up and down the shaft and around the head of his cock I licked every where till I got to his balls and then I kissed him there sucked on them and licked my way back up again. I spent some time just sucking the head and stretching his dick as far as I could with my lips. I bit him, very carefully, in many different spots and kissed him up and down his belly and chest and smelling him everywhere.

He brought out a dildo the vibrator part was broken and he began to use it on me. I became so aroused that couldn’t concentrate on his cock any more and I lay back with my legs spread and remembered that you want to use toys on me. I imagined that you were there and that my legs were stuck in some position that was in your story. I just erupted with cum for such a long time. I wanted to stop as I couldn’t breathe but he wouldn’t stop and began to use more effort and quicker strokes. I imagined it was you because I suspect you won’t stop till you feel like it and then that thought and all his work brought me back to climax again and again.

I had to stop him, I couldn’t breath or cum any more. My pussy just needed some time to recover and get a new supply of juice for the next go around. But he didn’t want to stop so I got to my knees and began to suck his dick again pushing the dildo away with my foot, which was still clad in the gold shoe and stockings. I sucked his cock for 20 minutes more just like I had done the first time. My mouth was dry so I took a swig of mouth wash, after I replenished my mouth I used the cold mint mouth wash and drizzled it on the head of his cock. He had been moaning and this increased the intensity of his moans. I let it drizzle down his balls and to his ass hole and then I put his entire dick in my mouth and tried to deep throat him because I know you will require that of me one day. I am going to be in a lot of trouble because I could only hold that position a very short time before I gagged. I shook my head knowing and wondering how will I ever be able to please you with. He was not very big really average for most men, I guess about 6 “ or so. The head of his cock is very round and big though.

Finally he said “Loose the shoes.” He picked me up and put me on my back and entered me. I gasped at the head going in and the pressure it put on me down there. He fucked me hard and placed my legs over his shoulders and pumped on me until I couldn’t just lay there and receive any more and I held his shoulders and began to grind away at his dick trying to get as much as I could in me. I broke up his motion and then he began to say to me things like you like that dick you slut, and your such a good whore, fuck that cock you bitch and really I was kind of busy so I cant tell you every thing he said. All of this just excited me to no end but I couldn’t quite come my body was depleted.

Then he stopped everything and pulled me down to the edge of the bed and put me on my knees and entered me again from behind and speaking nasty thing to me about me power fucked me again until he came.

We lay down for a moment and smoked cigarettes and lay there quietly. When my cigarette was gone and having nothing to do really and remembering what I was there for I slipped down to his crotch and just began playing around with his cock, pulling petting rolling it around and simulating a blow job with my fingers and hands. I played with his balls for 10 15 minutes. He told me “I like how attentive you are.”

After a while he made me turn my body so that he had access to my body and by this time I had lost the stocking and garter which were soaked. He tried the toy again but I would not let him. I don’t really like toys as you can push them in too far when things are really going hot. And if there is a vibrator I have found it easy to get addicted to the vibration. The one thing I never want to is be so into toys that I don’t need or want a man.

He began to finger me again. I was licking his cock and trying desperately to deep throat him for your sake or should I say my sake. Then he reached his other hand across my body and used one finger to penetrate me up the ass. That was the end of his blow job and I lay back again remembering you are going to take me there some day. I could hardly stand it and I spread my legs as far as I could and pushed my ass into his fingers that were in every hole I spent a great deal of time grinding on his fingers and thinking of how you will be when I am there with you. I came this huge explosion and again I had to stop him. I was going out of my mind and as much relief as it brought I was only getting more stimulated thinking of my future.

The bed now soaked once again, I guess it was all he could take because he mounted me and began to fuck asking me “Is this the power fucking you wanted, Renee?” I cried back “Yes”

Master this went on for several hours until we both fell asleep. He drove me home and we talked a little. Soon I was walking down the street in my cheep little black hooker suit with the fake leopard collar and a leather jacket in my 4” gold shoes.

When I got inside there was NOTHING on the computer from you just your picture on the monitor. I pulled off my pants and brought myself to climax one last time looking at your face and your body and whishing I could soon be with you.

i want to really be
YOUR little PET

fantasylover_05 62M

4/6/2006 5:25 am


Suddenly it has gotten quite HOT here!!

Thank you!!

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4/6/2006 6:43 am

It certainly about an incredible afternoon of sex....and where was I.....

bryanwithawhy 65M
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4/6/2006 7:44 am

A very erotic piece of writing. This women must be a joy to be with.

reneeholiday2000 59F

4/6/2006 4:15 pm

Thanks guys,
I only write about what happens when I respond to AdultFriendFinder ads. There will be more to cum. Perhaps I will be writing about You.

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