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AtomicKisss 58M

8/6/2005 11:06 pm

Dear Ever W.,

Good try but no cigar. Here's why your little "rouse" won't work:

1) There aren't enough people reading your blog.
2) You don't have anything that compells people to read your blog. Think of it this way, a blog is like a newspaper article. People decide on the article they will read based on the headline.

P.S. If you try this again, don't make the mistake of writing a headline from a man's perspective (e.g. "My Best Bolw Job"). Although it will get readership, it won't get many female readers. What you need to do is design something for women. Even if you do that, the odds are extremely low that a female reader, who matches your profile, will contact your IM. I could be wrong but I say it ain't gonna happen dude.

Good luck nonetheless - AtomicKisss

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