home from work (part 1)  

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home from work (part 1)

As she walked into the door she noticed that he had cleaned up house and she could smell the fresh lemon sent from when he mopped the floor. She could see that he had vacuumed the carpet. As she looked around the room she saw that he had a friend watching a movie with him.

She had noticed that he was fair skinned and had sandy brown shoulder length
Hair styled in the 80’s with the part in the middle and feathered back on both sides. He was wearing some tan kacky shorts and a tan polo shirt. He was clean shaven and had on some aftershave.

As she walked toward her husband she saw that his hair was still wet from the shower he had taken about 15 min before.

He stood up to give her a hug, when he did this he was about 6 inches tall than she was.

After he hugged her Mike looked at his wife and said “Lisa this is tom, tom this is my wife Lisa.” Then Mike looked at Lisa and told her that he met tom at the train show that he was at earlier today.

After the introductions were done Lisa said that she wanted to take a quick shower and that she would be right back then she walked back to their bedroom to take her shower.

About 10 minuets later she comes out wearing a pair of pantyhose and one of mikes button up shirts with the sleeves rolled up.

Lisa looked at tom as she walked into the room and saw the expression on his face when he saw what she was wearing; she saw the smile on his face mixed with surprise and confusion that she was wearing pantyhose. Seeing this made her feel good.

She asked what they were watching as she sat on the couch between tom and mike.

Seeing that they were watching some “adult entertainment” aroused her.

As soon as Lisa sat on the couch mike placed his hand on her leg and started to rub her pantyhose covered leg noticing that she put on her silky pantyhose which were his favorite. After a few minuets she was thoroughly aroused and she looked at tom and asked him if he had ever felt a woman’s leg while she was wearing pantyhose and he said no so she asked him if he would like to and she took his hand and put it on her thigh and she could see that he liked what he felt by the bulge that was growing in his pants.

“Would you like some help with that?” she asked him while looking at the bulge in his pants and he said “sure!” so Lisa proceeded to unbutton and unzip his pants only to see that tom was wearing boxers which gave her some relief because it would be easier to get his erect penis out. Once she unbuttoned the opening on his boxers she leaned over and gently kissed the tip of his firm penis then she slightly opened her mouth while she slid his penis into her mouth and she proceeded to suck on him. Tom could not believe what was happening to him and could do nothing but lay his head back and enjoy his dick being sucked. It was almost like she knew exactly what he liked when it came to his dick being sucked, the right amount of pressure with her lips and the fact that she gently used her teeth and she was eagerly sucking on him which aroused him even more. Lisa was sucking on his dick like she was and addict looking for a fix.

While Lisa was enjoying Toms cock Mike lifted Lisa’s left leg and put her foot on his shoulder and lifted her knee to the back of the couch and started to slide his fingers between her pussy lips gently opening them and massaging her pussy. Mike, concentrating on what his fingertips were feeling, was searching for one spot in particular, Lisa G spot, that one spot that drove her nuts when he touched it, and when he found it mike went to town rubbing it while Lisa was eagerly sucking on tom. When mike found Lisa’s G spot Lisa started to moan with tom’s cock in her mouth which drove tom even more nuts. Tom liked the vibrating of Lisa’s moaning on his cock while she was sucking on him.

Mike could see the ecstasy on toms face from having his wife suck his cock. Mike, using his fingers on his other hand, put his fingers to Lisa vaginal opening and started to slide them in and out gently rubbing her opening with his finger tips. After doing this for a few minuets he then slid one finger into her anal opening and now had one finger in her vagina and one in her ass and another rubbing her clitoris and Lisa had to stop sucking on Toms cock while she started moaning so loud right before she orgasmed. Mike loved having his fingers inside Lisa when she came because he loved the feel when her pussy and ass would squeeze his fingers while she was orgasming.

As soon as Lisa was done with her orgasm she felt Toms cock start to throb so she pulled it out of her mouth and master baited him through his orgasm. In watching Tom cum he was shooting is load all the way up to his hear and on his forehead, he even got some on his chin. After he was done he said that he has never had a woman cum while he was in their mouth and he thought that it was one of the most erotic things that he has ever experienced. Tom looks and Mike and says “I don’t know what you were doing to your wife but what ever it was it was awesome!”

Lisa proceeded to sit up and scoots over closer to Tom and then starts to lay in mikes lap and starts to unbutton his pants and when she gets them open se she sees that he is wearing his silky boxers which arouses her she also notices his cock is extremely hard and ready for her to suck on. While Lisa started to suck on mike tom slid down to sit on the floor and lifted Lisa’s leg and was shocked and pleasantly surprised to see that Lisa had ever so carefully cut the cotton crotch out of her pantyhose and she had also shaved her pussy and only left a medium patch of hair on the front. Tom loved it when a woman took enough pride and time to keep herself trimmed. After seeing this he couldn’t help himself so he leaned in and gently opened her pussy with his tong and started to eagerly eat her soft silky pussy. Paying attention to all the moves she made with each part of her pussy that his tong touched. After doing this for a while he reached in with both hand and gently opened her pussy lips as far as he could without hurting her and then slowly slid his tong to her vaginal opening and slid his tong inside her vagina and wiggled it around. Feeling this Lisa started to moan again this time with mikes cock in her mouth. She took his cock out of her mouth and looked at him and said “It has been a long time since your cock has been this hard.” Then she put it back in her mouth and started to fuck Mike’s dick with her mouth. After several minuets of this Lisa couldn’t take it anymore and she new that she had to have more.

Tom picked up on Lisa hint when she started to shift and he pulled his tung from her pussy and moved his face from between her legs and she sat up and then stood up and started to walk down the hall. When she reached the entry to the hall she looked over her shoulder and slowly dropped her shirt to the floor and said “if you boys want more, you know where to find me.” Tom couldn’t help to notice how round and fine her ass was. He noticed how her ass stopped and curved in to the top of her legs to make a perfect meeting place, he could cup his hand and her ass would fit right in the palm of his cupped hand like it was made for it. It was the perfect place to rest his hand whether she was standing still or walking or even lying on her belly he thought, and to see it wrapped in pantyhose even made it that much better. He had never seen anything so erotic in his life and he would never look at a woman in pantyhose the same way again.

Both of them followed Lisa down the hall both with fully erected penises. When they got to the bedroom Lisa was laing on the bed on her back with one leg slightly bent

Sexxyapprentice 37F

9/15/2005 11:40 pm

this is an amazing story, I enjoyed it immensly, thanx for sharing

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9/16/2005 8:26 am

great story, sure did get me hard and wet thinking it was my tongue in her pussy..

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9/22/2005 5:01 am

the more i read, the harder I got. thanks

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7/3/2006 4:11 pm

Boy, It sure would be nice to meet Lisa.

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