The lingering death of my tastebuds  

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10/29/2005 5:44 am

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The lingering death of my tastebuds

Went out for indian food last night. For those in the Lehigh Valley region, when ordering at the Nawab, do not say "very spicy". They will believe you mean it. Luckily enough, I like spicy food, and it was still tasty (kadhi pakhora, yum!) underneath the overwhelming taste of hot peppers. The only really bad parts were my head deciding to start producing much mucus1, and the inability to feel my lips for about twenty minutes after I was done. Not to mention a really cute hostess [insert indian dish joke here]. All in all, an excellent trip. Got a to go order for lunch at work, so I would have tasty tasty fare.

Unfortunately, I was the only temp to show up for work. This neccessitated the reactivation of the toothless wonder, long lost to us as an inserter, and the speeding up of the sorter. The toothless one has two modes of conversation:
a)Bitch about stuff
b)Make jokes only she laughs at
She was stuck on a. Fun times. Overworked, I was finally headed home when I was loudly and unexpectedly hailed by someone on first shift. With a 'goodnight', which would be the wrong diurnal period, but some people have problems overcoming their conditioning. Short cringe and I kept on walking, my reputation as antisocial bastard intact.

1. I have rather capacious sinuses. This helps with the familial acute sense of smell, but makes for a real horror show whenever snot is involved. When I blew my nose in the car afterwards, attempting to rid myself of the several cubic feet of mucilage built up in my head, I had a small surprise when the tube connecting my eye and my nose backfired and blew little bubbles at the corner of my eye. Strange sensation to say the least.

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